Monday, March 18, 2019

March 18-22 At A Glance

Important Info/Reminders:
-Pita Pit Thursday
-Library Thursday (if students still have unreturned books)
-World Water Day- wear your blue shirt! Lenten donations for Ryan's Well Water Project Lenten fundraiser

Word Study Words:
action, motion, fiction, fraction, occasion
We will be working with “tion” and “sion” endings that say /shun/, through word study work and sentence
writing activities. You can practice these words at home by practicing reading and spelling the words, writing
the words in sentences, and finding other words that have the same pattern/sound/use.

We will be focusing on using texts to answer reading comprehension questions. When orally
expressing and writing our answers, we use complete sentences, by using part of the question in our
answers. While reading with your child at home, ask them comprehension questions to ensure they
understand what they are reading. Ex. What happened when…? Why did….? What is….?

Math: 2-digit addition; exploring non-standard ways of solving 2-digit addition problems, without regrouping
(doubles/near doubles, counting on, base ten blocks, friendly numbers). Beginning investigating solving
2-digit addition problems using the standard algorithm (add ones and then add tens).

Religion: Lent

Science: Simple Machines