Monday, March 4, 2019

March 4-8 At A Glance

Important Info/Reminders:
-Library Thursday- all books returned!
-Pizza day Thursday
-March Break: March 11-15; enjoy the time off!

Word Study Words:
writing, hoping, having, swimming, putting, running, talking, hearing, wearing
We will be working with “ing” endings that have a silent e, con/vowel/con, or don’t change, through word
study work and sentence writing activities. You can practice these words at home by practicing reading
and spelling the words, writing the words in sentences, and finding other words that have the same pattern/sound/use.

We are always working at using texts to answer reading comprehension questions. While reading with your
child at home, ask them comprehension questions to ensure they understand what they are reading.
Ex. What happened when…? Why did….? What is….?

Math: Review of mathematical concepts through problem solving questions.

Religion: Lent